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Kellerman Investigations Client Testimonials

We strive to maintain satisfied client relationships. Below is a sample of responses from some of our clients.

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Kimberly Brown was a great help. She spent at least a hour on the phone helping me. She was determined to solve the problem and she did.

dominic dunnavant

I reached out to Greg at Kellerman Investigations for personal service of court documents. He promptly returned my call. After a few conversations, he insured me he would personally handle things for me, and he did just that!! Greg quickly obtained service and communicated with me right after. He even snapped some photographs for me, which I wasn’t expecting. I appreciate his dedication to his profession as well as his ability to communicate and understand his clients. His compassion was heart-warming. I highly recommend Greg and his team at Kellerman Investigations. Thank you Greg!

Sarah M.
Belleville, IL

Kellerman Investigations has always done a great job for our firm. They are very thorough, professional, and quick to get information to us when needed. Service of our court documents are always done promptly. We highly recommend Greg and his team. We will continue to use Kellerman Investigations for all our service needs.

Walton Telken, LLC
Edwardsville, IL

I am completely grateful and truly overjoyed by the services I received by Kim, of Kellerman Investigations. My daughter initially referred Kim to me as she successfully helped find her alluding soon to the ex-husband. I first met Kim on or I expressed to Kim, the loss of a long-loved friend and trying to locate his family after I found he had passed. Kim was very empathetic and just warm to talk to about finding this long-loved lost friend. I am grateful and I pray Kim, continues to help and continue to touch people's lives. And I met Kim July 10th, 2020, and within 24 hours, I got my information, and today, I got in touch with my loved one from the accurate information!!! Thank you, Kim, so much!

Judie W.
San Leandro, Ca

Great for service of process. Very responsive, customer focused, and personable. I would highly recommend.

Martin J. Kernan
New York City, New York

Very pleased. Professional, compassionate, and thorough. Guided us through a very difficult time. Highly recommend.

John Jatcko
Glen Carbon, IL

I would HIGHLY recommend Kellerman for any and all of your investigative needs. I placed a call to Kellerman and was directed to Kim on 11/14 to ask for help in locating my father, whom I had never met. Kim literally went to work on getting all of the information from me. Kim directed me to come in the next morning. On 11/15 I went into the office, and Kim had located him. Although it was found out that my father was deceased, Kim still was able to provide me with contact information for a possible uncle. Thankfully, I was able to make contact with my uncle, and the story went extremely positive after that point. I simply would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your professionalism and passion for your job. Thank you Kellerman and Kim for allowing me to find the missing piece to my puzzle! :)

Chrisie G

Kimberly Brown helped me find information about a sister I had just discovered was adopted out at birth. I have to say, her competence, quickness, and caring helped me greatly during a time when I was pretty shocked. It feels inadequate to say, but - Thank you Kim!

Patricia Malashanko

Mr. Kellerman was quick to look into my problem. He was very honest in assisting me in making decisions. He gave me pertinent information regarding the extent of the investigations I was considering. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

North Carolina
North Carolina

As a PI myself, I too needed assistance in locating an individual. Kellerman Investigations Agency came to the rescue and was able to locate the individual I was looking for. Sometime the professionals, have to go to the professionals. I will without a doubt use Kellerman Investigations again. Thanks again Greg!

Atlanta, GA

Greg's office worked with me on a small matter that led one of my investigations into Missouri. I am also a Private Investigator and I appreciate working with someone of Greg and Kim"s caliber. Should you need a PI, I highly recommend Greg Kellerman and Kimberly Brown at Kellerman Investigations. For a licensed Kansas PI, however, please call Matthew Jordan at (620) 200-0998

Matt Jordan
Hutchinson Kansas

I came across this company by chance. I just Google process servers in Mexico and I call them first. They gave me a great price for serving a Summons from Miami in Mexico. I must say they were fast and on time. Will recommend them to anyone needing professional and fast service. Thanks again Kimberly

Aventura, Florida

3/222017 The sheriff's office had been unable to serve an Emergency Order of Protection for 7 days due to the person constantly being "on the go." Greg was asked to serve divorce papers and had some difficulty for the same reason. Greg was, however, able to convince the person to meet with him at 7:30pm on a SUNDAY night. He then notified the sheriff's office, and after some discussion, convinced them to be there, as well. Because of Greg, both documents were served at the same time. The person being served bragged to me and others that "he was unservable." Thankfully, Greg proved him wrong. Very greatful customer, Glen Carbon

Awesome! You guys are the best. I will remember you.


I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the services that Kellerman Investigations has provided my office. I have had a long standing relationship with the Kellerman Office over more than the last ten years. I have found their services of process and investigative services to be exceptional. They have aided my office in over 600 files. They have been able to serve defendants by their perseverance and investigation when others have not. The staff has always been helpful in any request I have made and is prompt in their reply. I recommend the firm without qualification as being the best that I have dealt with over my extensive experience of 43 years.

Glenn E. Bradford
The Bradford Law Offices

I can't thank Kim enough for her extremely professional & thorough investigation of the background search we needed to prove someone else had mistakenly been attached to my account at some point. She worked quickly to get all the information we needed and made sure we were comfortable with it. She really went above & beyond and exceeded all expectations! THANK YOU KIM!

Millstadt, IL.

Very thorough and professional! First class service all the way! From the minute Sue picked up the phone until the point where Kim relayed all the information to us - we were impressed! Kim did an identity search for us and couldn't have been more thorough! They were quick & very responsive. She really went above & beyond even our own level of satisfaction to make sure we had all the information we needed and that we were comfortable with what we had. She even proved another investigators information to be dead wrong! I'm so glad we used Kellerman and especially Kim! Kim was absolutely wonderful!! I feel comfortable and confident with them and would definitely recommend them to everyone! THANK YOU KIM & SUE!

Maureen Bailey
Glen Carbon

The team of Kimberly, Greg and their associates were phenomenal. Confident, personable, dynamic, persistent, detail oriented, professional and highly skilled, they were monumental to proving that my ex-wife was in a marriage-like relationship. Kimberly kept me informed at every turn and provided sound recommendations when needed. Their ability to quickly adjust to my ex-wife’s actions as she tried to hide the relationship were impressive. They provided up to the minute information when requested and were more than prepared to appear in court on my behalf. As a result, the lawyer was provided overwhelming and irrefutable evidence not only allowing for a summary judgment in my favor but the rewarding of reparations. Their powerful and aggressive investigative work brought to an end something I thought I would never be able to get out from under. They ended 5 long years of what I knew to be true. Securing their services was the best decision we could have ever made.

Lawrence Ellison

They jumped right on my case, very helpful and informative, and the investagator had very good communication with me throughout.

Investigation client
Wood river

I have never used a service like this before so I wasn't sure what to expect and how much in would cost to track down someone that didn't want to be found. It was slow going at first due to him not owning anything in his name. Thanks to Facebook they were able to find his girlfriend and progress was made. It took about 3-4 weeks to find him but thanks to their hard work we got a valid address. The local police dept wasn't much help in picking him up so I again contacted them and they gave me a name to call and he was picked the same day. They went above and beyond to help with this matter. The cost was minimal to what I am owed so it was worth every penny. Our court date is I July. This not of ever happened without all of their help.


Belleville Police Officer, Eric Browder. GK posted this for Eric. "People in class ask why I use you guys since your in Glen Carbon and not someone closer, and I tell them because of your respect for our military and law enforcement. You don't charge them. So as long as you do business like that I will always call on you!!!!"

Eric Browder
Belleville Police Department

I have never used a service like this before. I must say, you are so incredibly responsive and professional. Please express a big thanks to the men in the field. I will not hesitate recommending you to anyone.

Jim Davey
Edwardsville, IL.

My first time working with them to find a person of interest from my 80s. They have been extremely helpful and has gone above and beyond what was required and I would recommend them to anyone. A great asset.


This was my first encounter with Kellerman Investigations. After reading some of the testimonials above, I must say that my matter was rather trivial in comparison. I am attempting to locate an old vehicle that I used to own. While the matter was rather small, the professionalism and quickness in which Kimberly assisted me was excellent. I was treated remarkably well and could not have been happier. Thank you very much Kimberly and I would recommend you to anyone in need of investigative services! Ryan

Ryan L. Thompson
Belleville, IL

Thanks for your help in locating the defendant and assisting me in getting the court documents served. The subject used the courts to conceal her location but you were able to find her and now she has to appear before a judge and will be held accountable. Your professionalism and knowledge of the system made this possible. Thank you very much.


I used Kellerman Investigation to have custody documents served to my kid's father. Being out of state and not being sure of the addresses that I had for him, I was a little nervous about hiring a process server. Amy was wonderful! She made me feel right at ease, she was helpful and extremely nice and down to Earth. Within 24 hours, my son's dad was located and served! Fantastic job, all around! I will definitely be calling again when I need a process server. I highly recommend Kellerman!


Calling Kellerman To Confirm The Suspected Infidelity Of My Now Ex-wife Was The Best Call I Could Have Made! The Information Gathered By Them Helped Protect Me Financially, The Money I Spent On Surveillance Was Much More Of An Investment Than Expense!! (just Like You Told Me Kim!!) Thanks Kim And Greg For The Great Advice & Helping Get Me Through Some Tough Times!! Great People!!

An Investigation Client

The services and customer service provided by Kellerman's far exceeded what we expected. Both Kimberly and Greg make a great team. They provided the information we were looking for in an expedited manner. They kept us up to date with the entire investigation, made suggestions on other areas we should be seeking information on and then provided all the information. They are a true class act and you definitely get what you pay for and then some. Would recommend them to anyone in need of this kind of service!


Concealed Carry Fingerprint Customers

A government agency "They are highly competent- providing ______ down here AWESOME surveillance. I want to have Kellerman lined up for _____ _________. Thank you."

An un named government Agency

I was in desperate need to find and serve my children's mother who had absconded from Florida to Missouri with them. I had tried to contact a few other process servers before finding Kellerman. Kimberly, immediately gave me confidence with her helpful nature with the options. She even recommended a competitor to try that might be more cost effective. She gave me her cell phone and told me to call any time if I changed my mind. After a short deliberation, I was able to hire them. The communication process was exceptional. Greg personally cleared his schedule, found the target and served her on the first day. He gave me live updates as they happened via phone and text. He captured her on video for the finale. Thank you Kellerman for your professional expeditious service. It really made all the difference in the world for my case.

Michael / Henderson Legal Group
Cocoa Beach, Florida

Wow!! Kim at Kellerman found the young lady we were looking for in less than 24 hours.....and at an extremely reasonable fee. Would highly recommend Kellerman

Fern Stuart
Independence MO

After exhausting just about every resource available to me, and hitting dead end after dead end in the search for my father, I was rather discouraged. I finally decided to bite the bullet and hire a private investigator. After some searching on the Internet I saw Kellerman investigations, and after reading some reviews I decided to call. After talking to Kim at Kellerman and hearing the passion she had for what she does I decided to hire her. I dind't have a lot of information to give her and I was still a bit doubtful she or anyone else would be able to help me. I can honestly say that is was one of the best investments of my life. After over 15 years of searching I was united with my father, who didn't even know I existed. Kim, there are no words to express how thankful I am to you and Kellerman investigations. Sincerely, Matt Moyer

Matthew Moyer
Caseyville IL

I obtained services from Kellerman Investigations regarding a domestic issue. The service and staff was quite helpful and did an excellent job getting the necessary information I requested. Several team members had worked on my case for me. I found their professionalism and experience in handling such cases to be top notch. Kellerman Investigations I would certainly highly recommend to anyone in need of the services they provide.

AK-St Clair County IL
St Clair County IL

Greg and Kim, Thank you so much for helping my marriage. We have since reconciled thanks to the video evidence you provided as proof. I expect this event to be fully behind us now, and for our marriage to prosper and stay on track. You went above and beyond what I expected any investigator to do. Again, thank you. I recommend Kellerman Investigations for all infidelity matters.


I had some concerns about a significant other not being faithful. I contacted the office and was contacted immediately. The team and staff was quite helpful and resourceful in meeting my needs and did an excellent job in gathering the info I requested. Very professional and highly recommend the services they provide.

st clair county

I highly recommend using Kellerman Investigations. I am in Alberta, Canada and suspected my spouse of cheating. Feeling angry and frustrated I called Kellerman for help. I called the 24 hour phone number and got a response right away, that evening a professional investigator was on my case and I had answers within 24 hours. My case being so senstive and personal was handled in a professional, courteous manner and given the utmost priority. Thanks Kellerman!

Alberta, Canada

We use Kellerman Investigation for all of our service needs. They continue to earn our trust through their commitment to their clients. They are a professional, honest, dedicated and friendly group of people. I truly enjoy working with them to accomplish our needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone needed their highly talented and professional services.

Julia , from Thea Rubin Attorney At Law LLC

Kellerman Investigations has always done an outstanding job on the papers I have sent to them. Recently, I had a priority rush serve on an over-the-road truck driver in Missouri. Not only did every staff member go above and beyond to locate the driver's main place of employment, their server made sure to find the defendant and get the serve done on the very first attempt. They were successful well within the requested service window, and very prompt on the return of service, too!

Julie Mercier , from Professional Civil Process

I recently hired Kellermans investigations for a domestic matter, and with their quick and professional help, I had my answers,I would definitely would recommend them or any matter you have. Thank you Kellerman investigations.


The Kellermans are a joy to work with!!!. They handle all of downstate Mortgage Foreclosure services. I NEVER have to remind them when service is due. They even email me updates regarding our cases. I've never had to question whether or not the services they perform are true and valid. The Kellermans are very professional and have always responded to any questions I may have within minutes.

Keetra , from E.L. Johnson Investigations

I have used Kellerman investigations several times over the past 6 years. They have been vital in my divorce and child custody proceedings. The professionalism and speed that I receive from them in tracking down my ex and his finances has caused me to be a repeat customer several times over.

Debbie Bass

Kellerman Investigations has been providing our firm with service for over the past year and we are very pleased. Service is done in a timely manner and we are provided e-mails when the service is completed. Everyone at Kellerman Investigations are very helpful and friendly. I recommend Kellerman to everyone.

Laurie , from Taliana, Buckley, Asa & Reames

I was refered to Greg from an attorney who said that "Greg was the best". I called Greg and he was very eager to help and from his questions I could tell he knew exactly what I needed from an investigator. Greg followed up with a very detailed report and great pictures. I would recommend Kellerman Investigations to any one. Thanks Greg.

Jim Passmore , from A. Passmore & Sons, LLC.

Mr. Kellerman, Thank you so much for being so paitient and helpful while working with me and my mom. Thank you also for going out of your way to make sure we got the most information possible by sending your jump drive back with me [to school.] My mom is obviously fearful and intimidated by this situation and process but I know that she feels like she has more options since working with you. Of course all of our future business will be with you. Thank you again. Sincerely, This testimonial entered by G. Kellerman from a testimonial letter. Jennifer D.

Jennifer D. , from Individual

Greg, It is with heartfelt thanks and admiration that i am writing today. Your expertise and professionalism in the matter of Misty Smith case are the only reasons we were able to complete the job for our client. You took it upon yourself to address this matter personally, and to say you went over and above, would be an understatement. Every step of the way you kept me informed, and aware of all that was going on. Thank you, thank you, i look forward to using Kellerman Investigations for all of my Illinois needs. Greg's plesant nature and constant assurance made working with him a great pleasure. I look forward to doing so again soon. Sincerely, Jenner Leigh Arnold, MLQ Attorney Services, Atlanta, Georgia

Jenner Arnold , from MLQ Attorney Services
Atlanta, Georgia

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