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Process Servers

We have the experience to serve handle your difficult your difficult foreclosure papers, summons, subpoenas!

  • 24/7 Online Process Server Job System
  • Automatic Process Server Email Job Status Notification
  • Kellerman Investigations is adequately staffed to handle all "rush" service of process and can be relied upon to effectively complete all types of legal document service including foreclosure document service, summons service & subpoena service.
  • We consider Service of Legal Process to be our Core Service
  • Our process servers are courteous, creative and knowledgeable. We do bulk deliveries in Illinois and Missouri. Call for rates or referrals. We forward cases nationally to licensed (if required in their state or local area) process servers.
  • We utilize Licensed and Certified Process Servers who will make every effort to effect service as expeditiously as possible or at the date and time specified by our clients.
  • Our Process Servers post all attempts of service, including those attempts that result in successful service, from the field via a wireless internet device. These postings are immediately available for review by the client under service of process status.
  • The Licensed and Certified Process Server making the service of process will obtain the name and description of the person being served and will note this information along with the date and time of service plus any additional information needed.
  • The designated office personnel responsible for reports will have an affidavit of service prepared and notarized for filing with the court of origin, a copy of which will be returned to the client and, if requested, a phone call will also be made to the client to confirm that the requested service of process has been completed.
  • If service of process cannot be completed, an online status check and affidavit is available.
  • Attorneys, legal firms, corporate legal teams, lawyers, legal assistants, paralegals, and private individuals use our process servers to serve legal documents such as subpoenas, writs, mortgage foreclosures, divorce papers and other legal services.

Call us at (888) 402-6662

National Process Servers & Forwarding
Our process servers specialize in serving your difficult legal documents, summons & subpoenas.

We offer bulk deliveries in Illinois and Missouri.
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